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10 Places in Baltimore to Hookup

10 Places in Baltimore to Hookup

The best 10 places to meet someone for a hookup in Baltimore will depend on what type of person you would want to meet. You can certainly hit the night clubs and meet women or men in Baltimore, who are out having a good time, but looking for someone that you can really click with, thinking of your favorite activities, and finding someone who enjoy them as well.

Locust Point Dog Park

You need to borrow a dog is you have to, as it is a place where you can meet someone who love their furry friends and perhaps enjoy a walk or a bow of kibble together. (direction)

Druid Hill Park

This place is among the oldest landscaped public parks in the US. You can bring your camera and put your focus on the almost thousand acres of wildlife and mature plants. When a woman sees a man taking images of nature, they find it really attractive, making him look caring, smart, and definitely yummy. (more info)

Lexington Market and Cross Street Market

What?? Yup! This place is offering a different shopping scene, focusing mainly on food. If you love to cook, you just need to stroll around looking for the perfect ingredients and you may be able to strike up a conversation with someone who appreciates your commitment to getting the perfect sauce.

Shake and Bake Fun Center

This place in Baltimore is offering bowling and roller skating, depending on your fitness level. You can round up your bowling buddies and bring your in-line skates, and make sure that you would rest for a slice of pizza when you gets worn out.

Fell’s Point

It is a colonial era neighborhood that has galleries and art shops. You may check out the Fell’s Point Art Loop every first Friday of the month. You will meet many artists opening their studios and showing off their work, with cheese and wine tasting and lots of people who enjoy the fine arts. You may smudge a little paint on your arm if you desire to look like an artist. (more info)

Baltimore Beach

The volleyball club is among the great places for showing off your muscles, sexy body, and badass volleyball skills. You may also practice some cheesy pickup lines on the girls who are watching the games. An organized game is scheduled across the week if you would like to compete. There are also the beach-style events and weekend festivals all throughout the summer. (more info)

Rams Head Live

This concert venue is famous for five different bars and rock music. Rescue a girl who has been dragged by her friends by take her to the show.

Washington Monument

If you are a good sketch artists, you may doodle the girl that you have your eye on and give it to her.

University of Baltimore’s Espresso Bar

It is located at the Student Center in the first floor. You will possibly need a reason to hang out on the campus if you are not a student. (see the reviews)

Antique Row

This place is covered in little shops, which is filled with vintage clothing, collectibles, décor, and knick-knacks. (more info)

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